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Q: Do you charge per square foot or by the hour?

A: North Shuswap Masonry charges per square foot; this insures we will complete a project in a timely manner. We only charge hourly for demolition or repair work.

Q: Does your price change depending on the type of stone I chose?

A: When a product is chosen, and regardless of the type used, the price per square foot is the same. If a customer chooses natural rock or natural stone veneer, the square foot price will be higher. Our per square foot price is all inclusive; should the customer choose to supply the materials, the per square foot price will be less.

Q: Do you offer any type of guarantee or warranty?

A:  Yes, all our work is guaranteed.

Q: Can you repair existing stone work?

A: If we are called upon for repairs, Gunnar will make every effort to match the existing work. However, we cannot guarantee work someone else has done.

Q: My house currently has vinyl siding, I'm considering going with a stone veneer. Is it possible and how long will it last?

A: Yes, it is possible and stone is a good choice. It is maintenance free, adds to the insulation value of your home, and once applied properly will last a life time.

Q: I have an old brick masonry fireplace, can it be changed to stone?

A: Yes, stone can be applied to anything. Brick or concrete however, is the best as it has the strongest bond; though if you choose to use natural stone, there must be either angle iron or a concrete base for support, whereas cultured stone does not need any extra support. 

Q: Do you work out of town?

A: Yes, we do travel - depending on how far we need to go, we may charge daily live-out.

Q: What types of payment do you take?

A: We accept cheques, cash, e-transfers, Visa and Master Card

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