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Your Premiere Shuswap Mason

North Shuswap Masonry is owned and operated by Gunnar and Cheryl Keuris. Gunnar is a Journeyman Red Seal Tradesman with more than 33 years experience. He started his career in the mid 80's as a Bricklayer's Labourer when he moved to Toronto from BC after graduating high school. He worked diligently at his apprenticeship and attended four years of trade school, then spent time working on the Coast until he moved his young family to the Shuswap in 1996. He worked for Gracom Masonry for a year, then Denis Schmucker Masonry, until Denis retired in 2001 after which Gunnar started North Shuswap Masonry with his wife Cheryl. Cheryl does the books, invoicing, ordering, meets with customers, helps with product choices and anything else necessary to help Gunnar with the business.
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Satisfied Customers Say

  • thank you, the fireplace is spectacular
    Barb M
  • I love the stone shelves you added
    Mike M
  • Thanks for being here when you said you would be here
    John J
  • I'm astonished at how well you cleaned up after yourself. Other than the fireplace being finished, we can't even tell you were here
    Nolan P
  • Thank you Gunnar, your work looks fabulous
    Bob L
  • Thanks for fitting me in
    Terry F
  • Wow! Fantastic! That boy has real talent
    Bill L
  • Do what you think will look best
    Gary D
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